Meet the BOXER Brief: Period Underwear for All
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Meet the BOXER Brief: Period Underwear for All

by Lunapads Team
Meet the BOXER Brief: Period Underwear for All

This post was written collaboratively by Madeleine and Lisa. Their comments are marked with M or L respectively. 

M: For over two decades Lunapads has been all about making awesome natural, body- and planet-friendly alternatives to disposable pads and tampons. Specifically, we’ve been making washable cloth pads and period underwear since 1993, when I first started making Lunapads and LunaUndies because I was getting infections from using tampons.

For me, the best part of making the switch to reusable products turned out to be about way more than freedom from irritation: I discovered an amazing new way to feel at home in my body. It was this feeling of comfort and liberation that inspired me to start a business in order to share this feeling with others.

BOXER Brief Luna Undies for Periods

There has been a lot happening in the period underwear space in the last few years: new high-tech fabrics, provocative marketing campaigns, and sporty functionality, to name just a few. Which is awesome!

Meanwhile, here at Lunapads, we have continued to do what we have always done: stick as much as possible to natural fabrics and local manufacturing while delivering first-rate performance, talking about periods respectfully & inclusively and listening to our customers.

Our new BOXER Briefs have been designed to reflect all of these values, with attention to a few particular areas of feedback.

L: We've received a ton of positive messages over the years in response to our commitment to position periods within a trans-inclusive and gender diverse framework — so that people across the spectrum know they're welcome and respected by our company.

And yet we've also heard that, while our overall message has been inclusive, our product collection has lacked options for trans men and other folks with masculine gender identities or expressions. Specifically, customers (and would-be customers) have told us that traditionally feminine cuts of underwear don't meet their needs and, for some, having no other option available made them feel less seen and valued by us.

We were asked to add a boxer brief style to our line, and were moved to do so because we knew it offered opportunities for more people to feel comfortable, confident, and affirmed: exactly the experience we aim to deliver to all of our customers.

Lunapads BOXER Brief for Trans Men

M: Our new BOXER Brief looks, fits and feels like a classic boxer brief, with topstitching details and a wide waistband — and has been designed to meet the needs of transmasculine customers, as well as others looking for more variety than a traditionally feminine cut or color palette.

Here’s what we think you’ll love about them: 
  • (As always!), made with soft, breathable, natural 100% cotton and 100% organic cotton
  • A true boxer brief with a wide waistband, topstitching details, and classic fit
  • Elastic-free leg openings and our most rear coverage ever make them an ideal solution for leak-free lounging and sleeping
  • The BOXER features a generously lined inner panel, complete with a leak proof bottom layer, topped with another layer of 100% organic cotton - we’ve got you covered
  • With our unique design, Lunapads makes the only period underwear you can wear all day: just change the inserts as needed
  • All the usual health and eco-benefits: no harmful secret ingredients + reusable for years, helping you replace 100s+ of disposable period products.
Whether you are at school or work, binge-watching Netflix, or fast asleep, we promise that the BOXER will feel like the most comfortable period underwear you’ve ever worn!

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