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Boxers Under the Tree: An Initiative to Support and Affirm Trans Youth in Need

by Jen Clark
Boxers Under the Tree: An Initiative to Support and Affirm Trans Youth in Need

As the first period care brand to remove gendered language, we at Aisle know that not all who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate— all genders deserve the same level of care and access during their periods. As LGBTQ+ advocates, we began this initiative (inspired by @transanta) in 2021 as a meaningful way to give back to the community and provide support to some of those who need it the most. At the end of 2022, we opened our applications again to offer trans and gender-nonconforming individuals the opportunity to receive a pair of Aisle’s absorbent Boxer Briefs for free.

Aisle committed to providing our own donation, but since we know part of what people love about Aisle is feeling aligned with our ideals, we also gave our community the opportunity to participate. During December, 25% of proceeds from each pair of Aisle Boxers purchased on our retail site were used towards additional donations. We also offered the option of covering the purchase of a pair for someone in need, and we’re thrilled to say that over fifty pairs were generously supplied directly by you, our customers!

In February, we were able to ship 200 pairs of our period boxers directly to people who needed them across North America and Europe, helping transgender people who might not have access to our products otherwise feel supported. While we weren’t able to send pairs to all the people who applied, we did read every single heartfelt response, and we’re so, so grateful to everyone who opened up about what it’s like to navigate their period when the industry still tends to treat this experience as heavily gendered.

Gender dysphoria— the feeling of discomfort or distress when someone’s assigned or perceived gender doesn’t match their gender identity— is a common experience for people during transition, or for people who are otherwise gender-nonconforming. The suffering associated with dysphoria can be especially difficult for trans youth who are struggling financially or who may not have support from family. Having a period contributes even more, with pain from cramps or other symptoms and the often overtly feminine marketing of period products. 

The effects of gender dysphoria vary, but many people told us that having underwear they can wear when they’re bleeding that feels and looks like the underwear they’re comfortable in the rest of the time helps make their period a little more bearable. In addition to their gender-affirming style, Aisle’s boxer briefs are size-inclusive up to 5X, and many people were happy to know they’d be able to wear underwear during their period that would fit their body comfortably. The best part of our #BoxersUnderTheTree campaign is hearing how our products help the people who’ve received them. Here are some of their comments.

These boxer briefs will finally allow me to feel comfortable in my own body while on my period.”

"I'm a trans man with an unsupportive family. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing for this community."

"I'm a nonbinary college student working three jobs to support myself after my parents rejected me. Receiving boxers under the tree is a long-term, gender-affirming solution to having to choose between buying groceries and buying (feminine branded) period products."

"I’m a black trans guy facing financial hardship, and this opportunity allows me to feel more comfortable in my body. It’s life changing and revolutionary."

"People like you all make me have hope for the future of trans youth in the world."

"This is so special and will help me feel like ME! Thank you."

Trans people of the world, you are seen, you are valued, you are loved. Thank you for being you.

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