Getting Started with Lunapads
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Getting Started with Lunapads

by Madeleine S.
Getting Started with Lunapads

Part of our focus this month is first-time customers - hello there, and welcome to the Luna Revolution! Many of you have probably seen our Ditch the Disposables Video, which spells out the basic argument for switching to cloth pads: in a nutshell, save money, throw less away, feel better! OK great, it all makes sense, but what's next? Time to revisit the basics on choosing, washing and transporting your new Lunapads!

How do I know which products to choose?

Our product categories are: Pads, Pantyliners, Kits, The DivaCup, Underwear, and Extras. Look for our recommendations (Everyday, Heavy Flow, Pregnancy, etc) under each item to see if a product might be the right fit for you!

Clicking on any product will take you to a its detail page, where you can view more images, read reviews, and choose a fabric, pattern, color, or style. Product detail pages also provide construction & performance information, as well as instruction on how to use, wash and care for each product.

Still not sure? Email us to submit your profile for a Period Makeover and we will assess your needs and make personalized product recommendations (plus, you'll get a $15 Lunapads gift certificate!). Click here to peep our past Period Makeovers.

How do I choose the right size for me?

Lunapads are sized very similarly to disposable pads. You'll notice the length of each pad style listed on our website. If you're using disposable pads now, simply measure the pad style you use most and use that number to find its Lunapads equivalent. To customize your pad for heavy flow, just add extra liners - it's really that easy. The main thing is just to try something and see how it goes - maybe you'll only want to use them sometimes (at night, while at home, on lighter days etc), but at least you'll have an idea of what works, and then you can build your collection from there.

Still not sure where to start? How about trying an Starter Kit? As the name suggests, this little bundle is a great way to sample a couple of our most popular products. This, in turn, will help you determine the size you like best before investing in a larger kit.

What if I don't like them?

We want our customers to be happy, and acknowledge that cloth pads are not necessarily going to be perfect for everyone on every day of her cycle. To that end, we strive to be as realistic as possible about expectations - Yes Virginia, you do need to wash them!

That said, if you step up to the plate, give it your best college try and still aren't pleased, then we are happy to exchange or refund your purchase. The only caveat here is that 1) if you buy several pads, please only wash and try 1 or 2 first to ensure that they are going to work (or not) for you and 2) that you let us know within 90 days that things are not working out. A return/exchange form is included with every order to make this as easy as possible. You can read our customer satisfaction and return policy here. That said, returns are rare. For the majority of our customers, once they make the switch, there's just no turning back.

How do I wash them?

Detailed instructions for use and care are included with every purchase, but here's the quickie version: wash and dry pads and liners before use. Wear for as long as you feel comfortable (pad-style Lunapads allow you to easily change just the insert throughout the day) within a day or night (ie. Lunapads should not be worn for longer than a day without switching to a fresh one). Rinse or soak used pads in cold water (optional, but may help to reduce staining if you choose a lighter colored fabric) and hand or machine wash as you would any of your other cotton garments. We recommend Nellie's washing soda and Buncha Farmers Stain Removal Stick, but if you're happy with what you already use and it's bleach and phosphate-free, then it will probably be fine for Lunapads.

There is no need to do a separate load; many customers soak their used pads during their period (changing the soak water daily) and wash them together along with their sheets and towels at the end of their periods. It basically depends on your lifestyle and how many pads you own (the more you have, the less laundry you need to do during your period).

How do I manage them when I'm outside of the home?

One of the main differences between cloth and disposable pads is that you are no longer going to have the dubious "convenience" of being able to add your used pads to the billions already heading to the landfill. Fortunately, it's actually pretty darn easy (and stylish!) to take your supplies with you: we have several options, including our best-selling Planet Wise Bags (so popular we can hardly keep them in stock!), which feature 2 separate waterproof fabric-lined compartments for transporting both fresh and used pads.

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