Malawi Update (& BIG Love!)
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Malawi Update (& BIG Love!)

by Madeleine S.
Malawi Update (& BIG Love!)

As reported in April 2012, in conjunction with Cotton Tales, Pads4Girls launched a ground breaking and socially innovative new development campaign called Transformation Textiles ("TT"): Making Waste Into Opportunity. We're excited to report that we're collectively getting close to completing the first round ($10,000) of our total fundraising goal ($50,000) to finance the cost of providing 10,000 girls in Malawi with washable pad and underwear kits.

In this latest video, Rachel Starkey, co-founder of Cotton Tales, explains to me how TT pads and undies are made in her factory in Egypt. It is an excellent visual story of social innovation in action: upcycling waste fabric from mass-scale garment manufacturing into washable pads and undies destined for girls in need in the developing world. Think about it: we're turning waste into opportunity for girls so that they can get the education they need to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty - woo freakin' hoo!!!

Madeleine, Danielle & Suzanne at The Fire Starter Sessions book launch in Vancouver

A big stick of dynamite got put under our efforts by our extraordinary friend Danielle LaPorte, whose personal generosity ($500!) set off a torrent of donations. Through her blog post "Help a girl stay in school - and change the world" (not to mention numerous Facebook updates and Tweets) about our Malawi campaign, her generous community has already chipped in to donate over $5,000, with further pledge campaigns set to launch later this summer and fall. In the several years that we have known Danielle, we have been thrilled to watch her career skyrocket as she offers her no-holds-barred practical advice to inspire thousands to discover their dreams and make them happen. If you are not already familiar with Danielle's work as a writer, speaker, world-changer and Firestarter, do yourself a massive favor and check it out (especially her new book, the FireStarter Sessions: a soulful and practical guide to creating success on your own terms).

We are thrilled, humbled & ecstatic!!! Thank you Danielle, thank you Rachel, thank you thank you thank you each and every one of you who donated, spread the word or is sending positive vibes: it's making an enormous difference. For those of you who want to step in and feel the love but haven't dived in yet, $5 is all it takes to make a difference in a girl's life - donate today!

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