Mom & Daughter Share Their Love of Lunapads
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Mom & Daughter Share Their Love of Lunapads

by Guest Blogger
Mom & Daughter Share Their Love of Lunapads
My name is KT and I’m Karen’s daughter. I’m 13 years old and am also home-schooled. I’m writing on my mom’s blog today to review Lunapads. What are Lunapads? Well, they are cloth menstrual pads that can be washed and used again. They have lots of different ways they can be used because the pads, which come in different sizes, have a layer of leakproof fabric in them, and can be used with a special insert or on their own. There are also ones made of only cloth for very light days.

I had already had two periods and used disposable pads when my mom found out about Lunapads. I decided to try them because the disposables were very uncomfortable for me. Lunapads are waaaay more comfortable then disposables, and they don’t get sticky and hot. They also don’t crinkle and make lots of noise like disposables do. I hated thinking that my friends could hear my pad crinkle when I walked! They are, in the long run, cheaper as well because you don’t have to replace them every time they get dirty.

An average woman uses 12,000 pads or tampons in her lifetime! And these can take 40 years or longer to biodegrade. Lunapads can be re-used again and again. That’s why they’re less harmful to the environment. They are also easy to clean, just soak them in a little water and put them in the washer. Then air dry them and they are as clean as new!

Not only are they better for me, and the environment, they are just really cute! They come in all kinds of cute fabrics and colors and that’s way more exciting than just plain boring white.

Best of all, I feel so much better about my period now!!

My mom wanted me to write this review so that I could encourage other teenagers to try them. I really like Lunapads and I think you should try them too. If you want to learn more go to Lunapads. There you can find FAQ, testimonials, and a list of their products.

Maybe you can be nice to the environment and yourself at the same time!

Hey, this is Karen here. I thought I’d chime in and give you my perspective on this whole thing. I first heard of Lunapads when I visited the blog Fair Love. I clicked on the link and my very first thought was, “Ewwwwww, that is so nasty.” But something in my mind must have been curious and I kept clicking the link. And kept clicking the link. And the more I clicked, the more I started to become open to the idea. Just about that time, KT started her periods and used disposables like practically every other teen who starts their periods. I always worried about her….would they be comfortable? Will they leak? Will she be embarrassed by the crinkling sound that you’re just sure everyone within a 100 yard radius could hear? Would she freak the first time she had to change her pad in the public bathroom and worry that everyone else would know by the tell-tale sounds that she was ripping a pad out of her underwear? Yes, I’m a worrier like that.

So I started to wonder if she’d like the Lunapads better. But then I started to worry about other things. Like what would she do with the used pad if she had to change it in public? How in the world would I ever get the stains out? Would she think it’s weird to do something that none of her friends do? I called the Lunapads gals with some of my questions and I encountered one of the nicest customer service people ever. She answered all of my questions and walked me through the whole process of using and cleaning Lunapads.

In the meantime, I did Google blog searches every single day to see what people were saying. Sure, Lunapads has testimonials on their site, but I always wonder if companies just conveniently fail to publish the bad reviews. Surely if I looked elsewhere I would find lots of people who tried them and hated them. But I couldn’t. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t like them. Of course, there were a ton of people who hated them and thought they were disgusting and gross. Interestingly enough, these are the people who had never tried them! They had my initial “ewwwwww” response, but never thought any deeper about it. I didn’t give them very much credibility. Of the people who tried them, they all loved them!

I thought I’d let KT decide what she wanted. So I showed her the website and told her to look it over carefully and think about it. Shortly after that she came to me and was excited. She wanted to try them! She had picked out her favorite fabric colors and products! So we ordered a bunch.

They came and it was like being a kid on Christmas day. We were so excited to open them and feel how incredibly soft they were. We played with all the different combinations of pads and liners and then tucked them away until the next period rolled around. And, just like clockwork, it did and KT started with her Lunapads. Every night, coming home from play rehearsal, she would go on and on about how wonderful they were! My favorite line she said was, “I feel so much better about my period now!” Ok, if switching from disposables to reusables is what it took to have such a drastic shift in attitude, then I’m so glad we did it!

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