It’s not complicated, it’s just different
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It’s not complicated, it’s just different

by Christa T.
It’s not complicated, it’s just different

By far the most common inquiry I get as the customer service rep here at Lunapads is:

"What kit should I buy if I’m just starting out?"

This is an excellent and straightforward question. I know that the asker is hoping for an excellent and straightforward answer, especially if they are asking after browsing around our site for while and are feeling a bit mystified. The best part of my job is when I get to talk to folks who’ve made the decision to switch from disposables to reusables because it’s a subject I care a lot about and I know that for most people, it’s going to improve their lives significantly! We want to make that transition as easy and painless as possible.  

However, it’s not always easy for me to give a straightforward answer to that question because I know that everybody has a different cycle, with unique needs. At Lunapads, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of products designed to meet most of those different bodies and unique needs because we know there’s no "right way" to have a body, or a period! And so when I get asked what the best kit or set of products is right for a Lunapads newbie...I generally answer that question with a bunch more questions.

Questions like:
  • What products are you using now?
  • How long does your period last?
  • What’s your flow like?
  • How often do you think you’ll be doing laundry?
If you’ve been menstruating for a while you may have forgotten what it was like to walk into the drugstore and meander down "that" aisle and stand wide-eyed - maybe even a little embarrassed - in front of the wall of pads and tampons, wondering how on earth to choose and whether or not you’ll like or even be able to use whatever you end up purchasing. After those first couple of times in the drugstore on your own, you probably found a product or brand that works for you (maybe not perfectly, but okay enough) and you no longer have to put any real thought into the purchase each month. You see the logo, grab the package and you are out of there! Switching to reusables is a lot like the first time or two you went shopping for disposables - you’re probably feeling apprehensive and you want to make sure whatever you buy is going to work, and be comfortable.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the folks that come to Lunapads for a new way of managing their periods, it’s that they like to think for themselves, whether they need a little guidance along the way or not. If you’re one of those folks who prefers to do a  bunch of their own research before requesting assistance, you should know that we have a really beautifully designed Learn section on our site that’s meant to give you all the details you could possibly need to make your first Lunapads purchase all on your own. Personally, my two favourite sections are the Lunapads FAQ, which does an amazing job of describing our different products, as well as how they work and how to care for them, and the How To Choose guide, which walks you through the process of deciding which Lunapads products are right for your specific needs.

Your first couple of Lunapads purchases are going to be just like those first couple of times in the drugstore...maybe even a little more intimidating since chances are good you don’t have a mom or cousin already using cloth pads so there’s no one you fully trust to really guide you through the process. That’s why we offer so many ways for you to reach out with your questions: we want to be like your trusted auntie or dear friend who’s already been using Lunapads for years and totally knows how they work.

Once you’ve made your first purchase or two, and had some time to get used to using and caring for your Lunapads products, you’ll be able to come back to us in the future and know exactly where your favourite sizes/colours/styles are so you can just pop on and off the site, just like you used to pop in and out of the drugstore with your disposables. Only it won’t be every’ll be every couple of years or less.

If you’ve been perusing our site but then leaving without making a purchase because you’re uncertain or overwhelmed, remember that it’s not any more difficult than the first time you bought disposable pads or’s just different. You really can learn all you need to know from checking out those amazingly detailed "Learn" links above, and if you need some moral support or personal anecdotes from folks who’ve been there, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Find us via our live chat feature, over the phone, via email or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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