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Period Self-Care for Weird and Stressful Times

by Ariane Bell Vila
Period Self-Care for Weird and Stressful Times

Times are weird and stressful right now. It’s also incredibly frustrating that a lot of us are still having to deal with periods and all that comes with them at the same time. 

That said, your period can also serve as a reminder to take a moment to look after yourself and focus on some much needed self care. Stress and anxiety can worsen your PMS or menstrual symptoms, and taking time to relax can be impactful.

Here are three things we’ve put together that we hope you find helpful. Not everyone relaxes or finds stress relief in the same way, so we’ve provided a selection of options that will meet you where you are at! 

A Gratitude Meditation with Dora Kamau

Taking a moment to pause, check in with yourself, and reflect on what you’re grateful for can be incredibly soothing and grounding. Dora did an excellent job putting together a 10-minute practice that still gives you plenty of time to breathe and sit in feelings of gratitude.

Blissful Yoga for Your Period with Carine Young

We’ve previously covered how yoga can be helpful for dealing with period pain. Physical activity has also been shown to be great for your mental health in general as well. Carine kindly put together a yoga practice for us that specifically focuses on your period. 

Period-themed Colouring Sheets

For anyone who feels that their frustrations might be best expressed by taking a red crayon/marker/pen and just furiously covering an entire page in scribbles, we’ve put together some colouring sheets!

You can take a moment to colour in your favourite period products, a parody of the Crazy Stupid Love movie poster, a soothing repetitive uterus pattern, or a #relatable complaint about period pain. (And please let us know if you want any more!)

This is a weird time, but it will end. Stay emotionally resilient by practicing good self-care, and it can help you find your flow - literally.

Photo by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells on Unsplash

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