Period Underwear Problems - Solved!
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Period Underwear Problems - Solved!

by Jane H.
Period Underwear Problems - Solved!

Call them period underwear, period panties, or just really amazing knickers, period underwear are a big part of the menstruation conversation these days. However, they’re not like anything else out there, and a lot of folks have questions about how to use them.

If you’re not 110% sure how your new period undies work, or you had a bad experience with your first pair, read on. We’re here to help - we’ve been making period underwear since 1993, and our design is the product of years of experience. 

Will my period undies leak?

Luna Undies have been lab tested to absorb at least 2 tampons' worth of blood and should not leak thanks to an internal waterproof layer. If leaks loom on your mind, make sure whatever brand of period undies you’re using feature a leak proof barrier in the gusset (that’s the fancy fashion word for crotch, FYI).

You really need a layer of polyurethane laminate or another synthetic membrane to protect against leaks. There are a lot of ultra-absorbent fabrics out there but all will eventually fail against anything except the lightest of flows.

Can I wear them all day?

Most commercially available period underwear rate absorbency via tampon absorbency - this is because tampon absorbencies were standardized to help menstruators avoid toxic shock syndrome. The tampons quoted are the lowest absorbency available (junior or light tampons). So, no, your period underwear are not ideal on the days when you’d use three super tampons.

Having said that, our Luna Undies feature a removable insert that allows you freshen your undies and extend the wearing of your underwear. Each additional insert will absorb another tampon’s worth of blood, and you can purchase extras, or just remove it when saturated. (Store it in a wet/dry bag when you’re out and about!) So, if you are changing the inserts as needed, you can wear the same pair of Luna Undies all day. Note: the insert is not a pad - it needs the underwear to work.

Do I need to wear a pad or tampon with them?

Luna Undies have an absorbent and leakproof layer, so you don’t need a pad, reusable or otherwise, with your undies. Used correctly, Luna Undies completely replace pads, tampons or cups, although some folks like wearing Luna Undies to help with any errant period or bladder leaks. Not all pairs of period undies are made equal - you may be using a product that designed to act more like a backup to a conventional period solution.

If you’re experiencing very heavy flow, a pair of period undies might not be your best fit - try a menstrual cup or one of our Performa pads.

Will they fit?

Apparel sizing is notoriously idiosyncratic! One brand’s size chart might put you in a medium, another might make you an extra-large. We cannot stress this enough - measure your hips! Lunapads works with sizing experts to make your undies as comfortable as possible, but sizing is not standard, so measuring yourself is essential.

Another thing to note is that switching styles of underwear might take some adjustment. If you’re not used to wearing high-waisted briefs, they might feel uncomfortably tight on the waist, especially if you’ve got some bloating arriving with the crimson tide. If it is your first pair, pick the style closest to your day-to-day undercrackers.

How do I wash them?

There are ton of different types of period underwear out there, so we can only tell you what to do with our Luna Undies. Machine wash and dry your period underwear, no bleach or laundry softener, and they should last for years. Our period undies are made from organic cotton and made to an exceptionally high standard in Vancouver, Canada. Throw ‘em in the wash - they’ll be fine.

If you have any more questions about our magic, leakproof Luna Undies, send us an email or check out our FAQ. A pair of period undies can be an amazing solution for menstrual needs - be informed and have a better period.

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