Making Better Choices, Being Climate Smart
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Making Better Choices, Being Climate Smart

by Jennifer L.
Making Better Choices, Being Climate Smart

This year will be our seventh consecutive year being Climate Smart Certified here at Lunapads!

Being Climate Smart Certified means that as a company we are measuring our carbon footprint and taking concrete steps to reduce our impact. Every individual has a carbon footprint, comprised of the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted from their day-to-day activities. Lunapads emits carbon through our manufacturing, transportation, operations, waste and more. We have made the conscious effort to change our actions to reduce this impact!

Carbon dioxide, one of the most well-known Greenhouse Gases (GHG), helps to create an environment on Earth by trapping solar energy making it warm enough to support life. Carbon dioxide is exhaled by humans, but is also released in larger quantities by burning fossil fuels. Plants, through photosynthesis, take carbon dioxide and sunlight and change it into chemical energy. Essentially, they take the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and lock it into food. Human activities have increased the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere at a level which is not in a balanced cycle. This is a crucial imbalance, since it causes the planet to warm and could change the environment on Earth.

Since we first started tracking our carbon emissions seven years ago, we have reduced them by 55%! Our reductions are equal to taking three average cars off the road, heating six typical homes, and would fill three hot air balloons! We accomplished this by consolidating our suppliers, ordering local, ordering larger quantities of fabrics and receiving shipments via marine freight and trucking, rather than air. Shipping by air is over 100 times more emissions-intensive than marine freight or truck.

Many of our customers, as well as myself, are drawn to Lunapads because the products themselves are a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to disposable menstrual products. Reducing our own waste and carbon footprint aligns with our company’s core values and mission. Everyone in the office contributes by minimizing printing, reusing any scrap paper, relying on natural light in the summer, composting food waste, recycling, reusing packing materials and more!

We are constantly challenging ourselves to find creative and innovative ways to honour our commitment to the environment!

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