Zero Waste Periods When You're On The Road
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Zero Waste Periods When You're On The Road

by Jane H.
Zero Waste Periods When You're On The Road

Whether you’re schlepping home for the holidays or embarking on a grand global adventure, menstruating sustainably is entirely possible on the road. Modern reusables are easy to use and store, and can be just as convenient as disposables. A big part of travelling ethically is showing respect for the environment that we find ourselves in, whether that is a national park, foreign country or simply the town where your in-laws live. So leave the tampons at home, and take your reusables on the road. 

Consider A Cup

If you’re travelling light with a heavy flow, we encourage you to pick up a cup. It can be safely cleaned with just soap and water, and sterilized with a quick vinegar rinse. Although boiling a cup is always a wise idea, medical grade silicone does not need to be sterilized repeatedly. A cup can simply be emptied, wiped clean and reused safely if you do not have access to clean water (hello, camping). 

Hygiene Matters

You may be wondering how you can keep the products in question clean. If you’re out on a short trip, it may just be a matter of stowing the products in a wet bag until you get home. If you’re on a more extended trip, you might need to consider laundry facilities. Our Performa products are ideal for a quick sink wash because their wicking cotton technology . 

Double Duty

If your flow is light, a few pairs of Luna Undies can be an ideal solution to comfortable menstrual management. The gusset is breathable and absorbent, and with the addition of Inserts, can be a great solution to having a lighter period on the road. Furthermore, if you’re worried you’re going to be surprised by your period in the middle of a 18-hour flight or long bus ride through the Andes mountains, your Luna Undies will have your back in total comfort.

Stow Your Stash

We cannot underestimate how useful a wet bag can be while travelling. Keeping a small supply of your favourite reusables with you on the road can bring period peace of mind no matter where you find yourself. A few liners and a cup tucked into your bag means that you won’t be navigating strange city streets in search of your preferred products, and you’ll be keeping your journey sustainable.

Don’t turn to disposables when you travel. One of the best things you can do for the planet is to reduce your waste and keep the planet clean for future generations. It’s no big deal to travel while keeping your period zero waste. Your adventures await!

Photo by Resi Kling on Unsplash

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