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An image of Aisle pads laid out on a white background. The logos of Aisle, Free Periods Canada, The Mahwari Research Institute, and Map The System Canada are visible in the lower portion of the image.

Full Report: Supporting Menstrual Health and Equity in Post-Secondary Institutions with Reusable Menstrual Products

Free Periods Canada surveyed post-secondary students across Canada and collected 470 responses and summarized those results in a report, which is now available for download here.
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The image features two pairs of hands with light skin holding each other in a comforting manner.

How One Doula Provides Abortion Support

Sierra Holland on why abortion stigma is violence, how there is no one way to support someone having an abortion, and why abortion work must include the continual work of antiracism and abolition.
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A white model with short brown hair is standing, reaching up to the sky with a smile on their face while wearing a pair of Aisle Boxer Brief period underwear and a white shirt.

10 Reasons to Love Our Boxer Brief

We’re counting down the days to the restock of our period underwear, in particular our fan favourite Boxer Brief. 🎉  We thought we’d take a moment to list some of the top reasons our boxers are so well-loved, and what they’re particularly great for.
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How Unplanned Pregnancy Can Affect Your Sex Life. The image is of a woman with fair skin, hugging her legs into her chest.

How Unplanned Pregnancy Can Affect Your Sex Life

This blog post is not about access to abortion or the lack thereof, nor is it about sex education. This is about what most sex education misses - the trauma that can come after an unplanned pregnancy.
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The image is of a person holding a sign that reads "No Business On A Dead Planet"

Why Social Entrepreneurship Matters Now More Than Ever

It’s time for all initiatives of all sizes to prioritize tackling social and environmental issues as their primary raison d’être.
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Photo of Ecko Aleck standing in front of water. We can see trees and the lower part of a mountain the background. Ecko is smiling at the camera. She has a red handprint on her face, and a red robe draped over her shoulders.

Re-Indigenizing Menstrual Health

We partnered with The Menstrual Health Hub to create a Decolonizing Menstrual Health interview series, in an effort to center Indigenous and Métis voices and vastly grow our collective understanding of menstrual self-care, sustainability, ritual, intergenerational learning and more.
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A photo from 1993 - Madeleine sits at a table displaying Lunapads products at an event.

The Lunapads/Aisle Backstory

A lot of people ask about the earliest points of inspiration for Lunapads (our company’s and product’s original name): where did the idea come from, back in the early 90s, long before it hit the mainstream radar?
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Madeleine Shaw stands on a beach holding a copy of her book, The Greater Good

Hey - I wrote a book!

Our Co-Founder Madeleine Shaw wrote a book! The Greater Good is both a source of inspiration and encouragement, and a practical resource for starting and running a successful project, business or nonprofit organization. 
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A photo of an Aisle pad and menstrual cup on a chair. Overlaid are the following logos: Free Periods Canada Foundation, Aisle, the Mahwari Research Institute and Map The System Canada

Obstacles to Students Using Reusable Menstrual Products: The Current Reality & Ways Forward

What stops students from using more sustainable and/or reusable menstrual products, and how we can promote sustainability while reducing period poverty?
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A mother in a white T-shirt holding a black mug sitting with her daughter on a bed. They're looking at each other and smiling, as if mid-conversation.

Sexuality Chats in the Back to School Season

There’s never a bad time to discuss sexuality and identity with your children. But it’s normal to be intimidated by when and how to bring it up. Thankfully, back-to-school might just be the perfect opportunity to start the conversation.
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An image of a painting on a wall. The painting depicts three people, seen from the neck up, their eyes covered with a red cloth. Photo by Vulvani – www.vulvani.com

Why We Need Better Menstrual Health Education

Stigma, shame & bullying -  these are the fruits of society’s decision to avoid talking about menstrual health.
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Black Women's Equal Pay Day

Black Women's Equal Pay Day

Creating a world where all can thrive means acknowledging how dual marginalization, the wealth gap, the cost and access of education, and occupational segregation have cost Black women tens of thousands of dollars each year.
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