Donations for youth and teen program
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Donations for youth and teen program

by Lunapads Team
Donations for youth and teen program

My teen and I have been happy Lunapads users for years. We love the comfort and convenience of our reusable pads.

Recently, I received a message from the director of our Youth and Teen program asking for holiday donations for a family in need. The Mom and Daughter asked for menstrual products in lieu of gifts. This broke my heart! To think that these ladies were having such a hard time meeting their needs that they asked for those items instead of anything else!

I immediately called the director and asked if the ladies would be willing to try Lunapads. A few minutes later I received a call with an enthusiastic YES! I happily ordered Deluxe Kits for Mom and Daughter and can't wait to get the items!

Thank you Lunapads for being such a wonderful company and having such a terrific product that I can share! This is one less thing these ladies will have to worry about.


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