Thank you for what you do
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Thank you for what you do

by Lunapads Team
Thank you for what you do

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the wonderful job that you do. Everything is so personalized and I love that. It makes me feel more comfortable when ordering.  

Years ago my boyfriend recommended I look into washable pads as that's what his sister and mother were using. I remember being really disgusted (was 14 at the time and media is very powerful at that age). Since then, I've become a much more environmentally friendly and aware individual. Also, I have sensitivity issues, so the natural, breathable cotton has been a godsend!

I want to thank you for making my period more fun and exciting (if that's even possible).  You can be sure that I'll promote your products. I've been trying to convert my 14 year old sister, but she is just like I was at that age. I'll have to look into getting her a starter kit with my mom - maybe that will help.

Thank you all and please always find a way to keep doing what you're doing!


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