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Jude looks directly at the camera. We can see they're wearing red lipstick and their hair is dyed blue.

An Interview with Jude Valentin

Did you miss our IG stories interview with Jude Valentin (Mermaid Queen Jude)? Read on for insights on building internet communities and creating safe spaces for you followers!
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Two reusable pads and a menstrual cup placed on a blue background with various coloured shapes amongst them.

Reusables for Every Day of Your Period

Let's break down all the different products we carry and help you find the one that suits you best!
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Lydia Okello standing outside. They're wearing sunglasses and laughing.

An interview with Lydia Okello

Did you miss Lydia Okello's takeover last weekend on our Instagram? We talked sustainability, joy, inclusive period products, and more!
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Two orange mugs are on a chair. One is laying on its side.

Tilted Uterus 101

Here’s everything you need to know about having a tilted uterus, including causes and the potential effects it can have on menstruation and conception. 
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A young transgender woman looking in a bathroom mirror.

6 Transgender Women Talk Menstruation

We spoke with six transgender women about their experiences with menstruation, from dysphoria to PMS. 
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Large coloured pieces of chalk littering the pavement.

Making Bad Art Is An Act Of Resistance And Self-Care

It's time to bust out the art supplies. Let's make some art.
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A woman and a young person are outside standing in a field. The woman cheers at something off-camera

Young People and Periods

Some tips for having empowering conversations about menstruation with the young people you care for!
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Two hands are seen inserting a black piece of fabric (named the Booster) into the gusset of a pair of period underwear. The underwear is blue.

In Praise of the Booster

Confused about that thin piece of fabric that arrived with your Aisle undies? That's the almighty booster! Here's how it works and what it's for.
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Five people in swimsuits in a pool looking out to the horizon. You can see trees, water, and sand in the distance

The Truth Behind 8 Period Myths

Does my period stop when I go swimming? Do periods attract sharks and/or bears? In this post we tackle 8 common myths and see what the experts have to say about them.
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Two homemade cleaners in amber-glass spray bottles sit on a wooden counter. One of the bottles is labeled "Bathroom Cleaner", the other is labeled "Kitchen Cleaner". There is a wooden dish brush laying nearby.

Tips for living a zero waste lifestyle during COVID-19

Feeling anxious about the state of environmental affairs during COVID-19? We hope these zero waste tips will empower you to make sustainable choices at home and in your day-to-day life.
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A reading nook by a window set up with a red pillow, a warm drink, a candle and some books.

Self-Care for Abortion

Looking for ways to support yourself through an abortion experience or want to care for a friend or loved one? This guide to self-care for abortion offers ideas and tools for self (and community) care around a termination.
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A collection of colourful abstract shapes on a blue/grey background.

Standing Up To White Supremacy

We commit to ongoing, continuous, rigorous reflection internally and externally about ways we can stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and other people of colour and work to dismantle white supremacist culture.
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